Update:Machado/Ventura Suspensions Announced

Excuse my hurried post, but I just downloaded a four day trial of Rocket League and I can certainly see the appeal. Look ma!  I scored a goal!  Speaking of appeals (I’m so good at this), Manny Machado is in the lineup for tonight, so it would appear that he’s officially appealing his suspension, which…… Continue reading Update:Machado/Ventura Suspensions Announced

Updated: Manny Machado Charges Mound After HBP

A little excitement in tonight’s ball game as the Orioles faced off against the Royals in Baltimore.  In the 5th inning of tonight’s game, Yordano Ventura threw at Manny Machado, who responded by charging the mound and landing a few punches before order was restored.  Both Machado and Ventura were ejected, and it will be…… Continue reading Updated: Manny Machado Charges Mound After HBP

Biggest Assholes In Baseball

There are a lot of great players in baseball.  A lot of well meaning, interesting and exciting players.  Players who give their money and time to charity.  Who keep their mouths shut and inspire children and adults alike.  This article is not about them.  This is about the villains.  The heels.  The assholes.  For what…… Continue reading Biggest Assholes In Baseball