The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

Today is a great many things. I found out it is Pony Express Day. American Circus Day. Fish Fingers and Custard Day. Armenian Appreciation Day. But most importantly, it is my favorite holiday of all: Opening Day. I’m guessing it may be yours too? There are THREE real actual Major League Baseball games that count…… Continue reading The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

Switch Pitcher Faces Switch Batter

A strange loop occurred yesterday in Dunedin when switch pitcher of the Toronto Blue Jays Pat Venditte faced switch hitter Antoan Richardson of the Pittsburgh. Reports are that the at-bat is still going on as the two sides cannot decide which side they want to pitch and bat from. Okay, you want to pitch left?…… Continue reading Switch Pitcher Faces Switch Batter

So What do the Blue Jays Do Now?

I don’t have a seahorse in the postseason really, what with my Feesh handicapped like some Harrison Bergeron by the surplus wrecking ball front orifice shackled to their caudal fins. However, because I have an illustrious friend in Toronto (and one slightly less illustrious but no less praiseworthy professering away at Western Ontario University just…… Continue reading So What do the Blue Jays Do Now?