Rosin D’être: An Evolutionary Fandom

Baseball is tribalism. People used to organize around city-states (which we still do) and, later, ethnicities or work associations, but nothing is bigger today than the tribes of sports fandom. The Founders were Masons; we are Best Fans (or Cheeseheads or 12th Men). The Puritans helped shape our culture with their starched collars and prim…… Continue reading Rosin D’être: An Evolutionary Fandom

Carlos Gomez expressed interest playing Baseball in Japan next season

Texas Rangers outfielder, Carlos Gomez, 30, said in an interview this week that he is open to play Baseball in Japan next season, according to JP Sanspo sports news. The Central league team, Hanshin Tigers, are currently in the foreign market in search of a big league power bat… and have said to have made…… Continue reading Carlos Gomez expressed interest playing Baseball in Japan next season

Rangers To Acquire Lucroy

Well, this will make things awkward if the Indians and Rangers meet in the playoffs.  According to Rosenthal, the Rangers have a deal in place to acquire Jonathan Lucroy.  The Brewers will be receiving prospects Lewis Brinson and Luis Ortiz.  Additionally the Rangers will be picking up reliever Jeremy Jeffress.

Rangers Close To Deal For Carlos Beltran

The Rangers are reportedly very close to a deal with the Yankees for Carlos Beltran.  The Yankees would receive 2015 first round pick Dillon Tate and a low level prospect.  The move will help replace the loss of Prince Fielder and will allow the Rangers to move Choo to the DH when he returns from…… Continue reading Rangers Close To Deal For Carlos Beltran

Official Suspensions for Texas/Toronto Brawl Announced

The suspension for the Texas/Toronto brawl have been officially announced.  I waited on posting, as the initial suspensions were leaked, drip feed style, one after another, with nary an official announcement from MLB, and when it comes to this sort of thing, I prefer to stick to official statements, rather than the uncle of the…… Continue reading Official Suspensions for Texas/Toronto Brawl Announced

Did You See That? (4/23/2016)

Welcome to a special weekend edition of Did You See That?  I have some rare free time today, and decided to spend it combing through all the highlights of yesterday for your convenience.  They really should be building a statue of me or something.  Some good stuff happened last night.  Let’s check it out.  …… Continue reading Did You See That? (4/23/2016)