Errant Sea Creatures Flee Florida

The other day, I mentioned that the Tampa Bay Rays have decided to join their local baseball brothers in suckage, but they’ve notched it up. Now they’ve traded Steven Souza, Jr. to the Gritty Snakes. What they got in return is irrelevant. In the course of a few months, they’ve gotten rid of the Actual…… Continue reading Errant Sea Creatures Flee Florida

Did You See That? (4/28/2016)

Good afternoon ladies and germs.  (Yup, I went there.  And oldie but a goodie.)  Today we have some spectacular plays for you, including my first vote for #PlayOfTheYear.  We have dives.  We have bombs.  We even have Globetrotters!  We have it all here at FI.  Where no customer leaves unsatisfied, or you get your money…… Continue reading Did You See That? (4/28/2016)

So, What Did I Miss? (4/28/16)

I am only starting with this one because I was there. So spur of the moment, I decided to go to last night’s Orioles – Rays game. I was going to chase the sun. We should do a bracketology over which team has the most powerful team figuratively–my Rays ftw–nothing tops the power and energy…… Continue reading So, What Did I Miss? (4/28/16)