Bauer Outrage

Trevor Bauer is free today. He was scheduled to pitch, but, belatedly, MLB placed him on administrative leave while it investigates sexual assault allegations against him. Bauer’s agent, a friend from college days, says the pitcher won’t challenge the forced leave – conveniently spinning the situation to suggest that he could fight the benching. The…… Continue reading Bauer Outrage

Coach Barry Bonds?

Well, isn’t THIS “interesting”? (Cue Church Lady voice.) Gator may write something later from the “Feesh/Macondo” point of view, mainly about owner Jeff Loria trying to gin up attendance, if nothing else, but … The Marlins are looking at hiring Barry Bonds as a coach. As far as I’m aware, this is the first serious…… Continue reading Coach Barry Bonds?

What did Rob Manfred really mean about Pete Rose?

There has been a lot of press about Rob Manfred’s appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, and his comments regarding Pete Rose. The headlines talk about possible reinstatement before the end of the year. If that happens (and that is a major if), this would be a radical departure from the position of Fay Vincent…… Continue reading What did Rob Manfred really mean about Pete Rose?