Lenny Dykstra: Too Lousy To Libel

You need a good laugh today. Lord, I need a good laugh today. And, lo, the baseball gods have met us in our time of need. Praise Jobu! Behold, the ridiculous and the sublime. A judge ruled last Friday that Lenny Dykstra has such a bad reputation, you can’t make it any worse. Or, in…… Continue reading Lenny Dykstra: Too Lousy To Libel

Update-Harvey has ‘medical issue’

He’s been scratched from tomorrow’s preseason start, and that’s not all, according to Mets GM Sandy Alderson …  Per the Great Red Satan, he may not pitch Opening Day. He may, but he may not. Alderson said it’s not “orthopedic.” He then joshed, saying that a pulled wisdom tooth would scratch Harvey tomorrow. Well, yes,…… Continue reading Update-Harvey has ‘medical issue’

Mets Release Ruben Tejada

The Mets have released shortstop Ruben Tejada.  Tejada started last season as a utility player, eventually gaining the starting role for the Mets before gaining notoriety for breaking his leg at the hands (feet?) of Chase Utley.  The move may prove fortuitous for the Cardinals who are in need of a replacement short stop with…… Continue reading Mets Release Ruben Tejada

MLB Close To Changes To Sliding Rule

After terribly public and particularly gruesome injuries occurred to the Pirate’s Jung Ho Kang and the Met’s Ruben Tejada, MLB vowed to work on making the game safer for second baseman and short stops by eliminating the take out slide.  It now appears they are making good on that promise, and change may occur sooner…… Continue reading MLB Close To Changes To Sliding Rule

Paul DePodesta Leaves The Mets For The NFL

Intriguing news today as we learn that the Cleveland Browns have lured away Paul DePodesta from the Mets to be the team’s new chief strategy officer.  It is expected he will report directly to owner Jimmy Haslam. DePodesta you may recall got his big claim to fame working alongside Oakland GM Billy Beane and helped…… Continue reading Paul DePodesta Leaves The Mets For The NFL

Mets Resign Bartolo Colon

Bartolo Colon will be returning to New York after signing a one year, 7.25M deal with the Mets. The 42 year old pitcher has shown little signs of aging posting a 4.16 ERA over 194.2 Innings, with a 89 ERA+, 1.238 WHIP, and a 3.84 FIP last season.  Unsure is Colon’s role on the Mets…… Continue reading Mets Resign Bartolo Colon