The Vulture Report: June 13th, 2016

Sorry for the late report. Work has snowballed on me which hasn’t allowed the usual time for creative writing (just a lot of ranting). June 7th, Tony Cingrani of the Cincinnati Reds. Oh dear Lord was this game a comedy of incompetence. That the Reds came out of it with a win is ridiculous. The Red-mess…… Continue reading The Vulture Report: June 13th, 2016

Did You See That? 4-18-2016

Hello everybody!  Today marks the first venture into what I hope will become a regular feature around these parts.  Instead of writing up a new post every-time there was a really cool highlight as I have been doing, I’ve decided to do a daily post, around mid-day with all the highlights and fun videos from…… Continue reading Did You See That? 4-18-2016