Bauer Outrage

Trevor Bauer is free today. He was scheduled to pitch, but, belatedly, MLB placed him on administrative leave while it investigates sexual assault allegations against him. Bauer’s agent, a friend from college days, says the pitcher won’t challenge the forced leave – conveniently spinning the situation to suggest that he could fight the benching. The…… Continue reading Bauer Outrage

World Series Game 6 Chat Post

Let’s get ready to rumbuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here it is. GAME SIX. The Astros could finish it tonight, or the Dodgers could force it to one more. Will Verlander be brilliant? Will Hill have the game of his season? Will stex survive and/or will we need to start that GoFundMe for his tolls? Here we go, yo!…… Continue reading World Series Game 6 Chat Post

Chase Utley: Dirty again?

If we take a look at Monday’s Dodgers-Padres game, it sure looks like Chase Utley has admitted nothing, accepted nothing and changed nothing after breaking Ruben Tejada’s leg last postseason.CBS has got some of the best coverage, with both video and GIF at the site. The Big Lead, among other sites, has more. To me,…… Continue reading Chase Utley: Dirty again?

An afternoon cup of social coffee

Apologies to the Prof and the Midnight Snack, as far as theme, or ideas to touch on, but there’s several socially related ones out there today. So, let’s take a look. First, Yasiel Puig will face no MLB discipline after an alleged domestic violence incident last fall. Aroldis Chapman has been disciplined and Jose Reyes’…… Continue reading An afternoon cup of social coffee

MLB Wants Your $$$ – Alternate Spring Training Jerseys and Caps

It’s last week’s news, but we never discussed it here: MLB’s lastest attempt to separate you from your money with Spring Training uniform and cap redesigns. Nevertheless, it is a reminder that Spring Training is almost here. I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s February. Our long national nightmare is soon over. No, not the…… Continue reading MLB Wants Your $$$ – Alternate Spring Training Jerseys and Caps

Paul DePodesta Leaves The Mets For The NFL

Intriguing news today as we learn that the Cleveland Browns have lured away Paul DePodesta from the Mets to be the team’s new chief strategy officer.  It is expected he will report directly to owner Jimmy Haslam. DePodesta you may recall got his big claim to fame working alongside Oakland GM Billy Beane and helped…… Continue reading Paul DePodesta Leaves The Mets For The NFL

White Sox Acquire Todd Frazier In Three Team Swap

A big trade just went down, involving the Reds, Dodgers, and White Sox.  The trade breakdown is as follows: The Dodgers will get  outfielder Trayce Thompson, second baseman Micah Johnson, right hander Frankie Montas The White Sox will get third baseman Todd Frazier The Reds will get infielder Jose Peraza, outfielder Scott Schebler, infielder Brandon…… Continue reading White Sox Acquire Todd Frazier In Three Team Swap