Updated: Manny Machado Charges Mound After HBP

A little excitement in tonight’s ball game as the Orioles faced off against the Royals in Baltimore.  In the 5th inning of tonight’s game, Yordano Ventura threw at Manny Machado, who responded by charging the mound and landing a few punches before order was restored.  Both Machado and Ventura were ejected, and it will be…… Continue reading Updated: Manny Machado Charges Mound After HBP

Chris Davis Re-signs with Orioles

Chris “Crush” Davis has agreed to terms with the Baltimore Orioles. Per ESPN and other reports, terms are 7 years, $161 million. The power hitting left handed batter had a monster year in 2013, and a comeback year in 2015. This exchange made me laugh. Showalter said the following to Davis.”How much is enough?” Showalter said…… Continue reading Chris Davis Re-signs with Orioles

Orioles Acquire Mark Trumbo From Seattle For Steve Clevenger

The Mariners will be sending Mark Trumbo and a yet to be identified player to Baltimore in exchange for Catcher Steve Clevenger.  Trumbo could be an option at First Base if they are unable to retain the services of Chris Davis.  If Davis does return, he can fit in at Left Field and Designated Hitter. …… Continue reading Orioles Acquire Mark Trumbo From Seattle For Steve Clevenger

Tension Building Inside Orioles Organization

I’ve been saying it for a while now. Dan Duquette is as good as gone.  I think he mentally checked out last season while chasing the job in Toronto which has since been filled.  Now we hear according to Ken Rosenthal that there is some internal strife going on.  Problem is, he’s owed a lot…… Continue reading Tension Building Inside Orioles Organization