Yadi v Albert: Pitchers’ Duel

I’m sure you saw that Albert Pujols made his pitching debut for the Cardinals on May 15th in a blowout game against the Giants. Apparently, there was some smack talk between future Hall-of-Famers in the dugout afterwards, with Yadier Molina informing Pujols that he would have fared better. Or would he? A week later, Yadi…… Continue reading Yadi v Albert: Pitchers’ Duel

An afternoon cup of social coffee

Apologies to the Prof and the Midnight Snack, as far as theme, or ideas to touch on, but there’s several socially related ones out there today. So, let’s take a look. First, Yasiel Puig will face no MLB discipline after an alleged domestic violence incident last fall. Aroldis Chapman has been disciplined and Jose Reyes’…… Continue reading An afternoon cup of social coffee

Mets Release Ruben Tejada

The Mets have released shortstop Ruben Tejada.  Tejada started last season as a utility player, eventually gaining the starting role for the Mets before gaining notoriety for breaking his leg at the hands (feet?) of Chase Utley.  The move may prove fortuitous for the Cardinals who are in need of a replacement short stop with…… Continue reading Mets Release Ruben Tejada

A quick post-mortem and look ahead on the Cardinals

As noted on my blog, Mike Matheny’s mismanagement helped cost the Cards Game 3 of the Division Series, and John Mozeliak’s general mismanagement arguably helped cost the Birds Game 3. A shout-out to the Cubs, though. They still had to hit those gopher balls out of the park, and no mismanagement of any type was…… Continue reading A quick post-mortem and look ahead on the Cardinals

Is Today The Best Day Of The Year For Baseball?

Is today the best day of the year for baseball?  There’s only four games on schedule, but man what great match-ups we have.  Today is one of those days where I really wish I didn’t have this pesky job and could afford to watch the probable 12 consecutive hours of action.  It all kicks off…… Continue reading Is Today The Best Day Of The Year For Baseball?