Nuke LaLoosh Is Dead

Covid-19 claims a living legend. Orioles minor league pitcher Steve Dalkowski was a figure writ large. The inspiration for Nuke LaLoosh in Bull Durham, Dalkowski was a character whose stories passed among players, taking on a mythic life of their own. Ron Shelton, a minor leaguer himself, received the dugout legend from those around him…… Continue reading Nuke LaLoosh Is Dead

Hardball Times: Baseball At The Movies

One thing that we seem to all share besides a passion for baseball is a love for movies, specifically baseball movies. Hardball Times has a pretty neat post about baseball at the movies titled, well, “Baseball At The Movies.” It’s an analysis of how baseball movies have performed at the box office. The author, John Larue, notes…… Continue reading Hardball Times: Baseball At The Movies

That First Pitch

The World Series got off to a chippy start last night when Syndergaard buzzed a first pitch high and inside by Alcides Escobar’s head. The first thing that came to my mind was this: The second thing I wondered is if the volatile Ventura would take the bait. Judging by the subsequent pitches to…… Continue reading That First Pitch