Cubs Play Smack My Bitch Up As Chapman Leaves Mound

  The Cubs have found themselves down one fired PA employee, and scrambling to offer up an apology after playing the worst possible musical selection as Aroldis Chapman left the mound during last night’s game. The Cubs say they unintentionally played the song ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ last night when Aroldis Chapman walked off the…… Continue reading Cubs Play Smack My Bitch Up As Chapman Leaves Mound

Yankees Trade Chapman To Cubs

Last December, word came out that Aroldis Chapman was the subject of a pretty horrific domestic violence allegation.  At the time the Reds were actively shopping Chapman, and in fact one team the Dodgers pulled out as a result.  However, the Yankees saw an opportunity and traded for the hard throwing closer.  Now the Yankees…… Continue reading Yankees Trade Chapman To Cubs

Hector Olivera Suspended For Half Season

According to Jayson Stark and USA Today, MLB has announced that they have suspended Hector Olivera for half a season for violating the domestic violence agreement.  He will be eligible to return on August 1st. No word on why his penalty is so severe compared to Jose Reyes or Aroldis Chapman.  It’s possible that…… Continue reading Hector Olivera Suspended For Half Season

So, What Did I Miss? Deep Thoughts, Jack Handey Edition. (5/21/16)

Before I get started with the recap, I have a very serious question. I am not trolling. I am dead serious. I joke, play, and kid a lot–my so-called “crazy” side that y’all know and love–but I also have a very serious contemplative side. The following is an issue very close to my heart. I…… Continue reading So, What Did I Miss? Deep Thoughts, Jack Handey Edition. (5/21/16)

BREAKING NEWS: Aroldis Chapman Suspended

h/t to Kevin S. for letting me know about the initial tweet. Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman  has been suspended for thirty games for violating baseball’s domestic violence policy and will not appeal the decision. Thirty games means that Chapman will miss the month of April but will be cleared to finish the rest of…… Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: Aroldis Chapman Suspended

Reds Trade Chapman To Yankees

Despite being embroiled in the middle of some incredibly serious domestic violence allegations, the Yankees traded for fireballer Aroldis Chapman.  Chapman was dealt in exchange for four relatively middle of the pack minor leaguers.  In exchange for Chapman the Reds will be receiving 22 year old right hander Rookie Davis, third baseman Eric Jagielo, second…… Continue reading Reds Trade Chapman To Yankees