An afternoon social coffee with … guess who?

I’m sure it’s no surprise to any intelligent follower of baseball on Planet Earth, but the Yankee player that fans most love to hate …  Will retire after next season when his current contract runs out. So, does A-Rod have chances at more milestones? Let’s look at his career on B-Ref. He’s 28 HRs behind…… Continue reading An afternoon social coffee with … guess who?

Biggest Assholes In Baseball

There are a lot of great players in baseball.  A lot of well meaning, interesting and exciting players.  Players who give their money and time to charity.  Who keep their mouths shut and inspire children and adults alike.  This article is not about them.  This is about the villains.  The heels.  The assholes.  For what…… Continue reading Biggest Assholes In Baseball