Nats’ Pregame Show Causes Capital Evacuation

This was an eyebrow raiser for me. The Washington Nationals had pregame festivities that included the US Army’s premier show jumping team—the Black Knights—parachuting into the stadium. Somehow word of that didn’t get to the DC National Park police. From their perspective, there should not have been an aircraft over the Capital building. Seeing as…… Continue reading Nats’ Pregame Show Causes Capital Evacuation

A Non-Controversy

Yesterday Clayton Kershaw got pulled after pitching seven perfect innings, and it’s okay. The Dodgers ultimately defeated the Twins in a non-perfect manner—they gave up a hit and therefore a bit of baseball history. Today there are “Should Clayton Kershaw Have Been Pulled?” posts on various websites. To be sure, a perfect game would have…… Continue reading A Non-Controversy

Beer Me!

Yesterday was National Beer Day. When Diamondbacks’ rookie Seth Beer was told that by his wife, he replied that it better be a good day for him. He then went out and hit a walk-homer for his team…sounds pretty good to me. It was his second big league homer, having parked one last year when…… Continue reading Beer Me!

Opening Day

Everyone is tied 0-0. Everyone at least in theory has hope. The long winter of our discontent is over. Despite owner shenanigans, there is a new collective barraging agreement. This season was delayed a week, but we fans will have no other impediment to our viewing pleasure for the next five seasons. Now we get…… Continue reading Opening Day

Preview 2022

In the past I’ve done preview posts division by division and a separate one for award predictions. I am not doing that this year. Consider it a victim of the lockout. In the compressed spring training I was unable to keep track of all the transactions let alone put together 7 in depth preview posts.…… Continue reading Preview 2022