Errant Sea Creatures Flee Florida

The other day, I mentioned that the Tampa Bay Rays have decided to join their local baseball brothers in suckage, but they’ve notched it up. Now they’ve traded Steven Souza, Jr. to the Gritty Snakes. What they got in return is irrelevant. In the course of a few months, they’ve gotten rid of the Actual…… Continue reading Errant Sea Creatures Flee Florida

Deadspin Posted a Mascot Poll and I am Offended Beyond Belief.

I’m minding my own business,  reading Deadspin like I usually do, when I see an article that should be right up my alley. Deadspin ranked pro sports mascots. Well, as a fan and connoisseur of mascots, I thought, “well, let’s see what’s up with this article.” No. No. Wrong. All wrong, people! First of all,…… Continue reading Deadspin Posted a Mascot Poll and I am Offended Beyond Belief.

Tim, You Gotta Let It Go.

America’s favorite washed up football player-turned-weekend baseball enthusiast keeps getting trotted out by the New York Mets, a team which never met a bad idea it didn’t like. Not only did Mets brass keep bringing Tebow out to play to the consternation of Metropolitan fans and amusement of his would-be teammates and manager, but now word comes…… Continue reading Tim, You Gotta Let It Go.

JP Arencibia Will Keep You Safe

I was looking through Twitter tonight because, while I won’t actually stoop low enough to watch the GOP debates, I will read hundreds of tweets mocking the candidates while they debate. While I was reading Twitter, I came across the following curious tweet. Weird. Bang bang? I had no idea I even followed JP. I…… Continue reading JP Arencibia Will Keep You Safe