Once again, I present Curt Schilling

Sadly, but certainly no surprise, given his past history of unenlightened comment, Schilling has now doubled down on transgender phobia and bigotry. The New York Daily News has the details of what he posted on his Facebook page. As with his various comments on evolution, it also shows a scientific ignorance that must be considered…… Continue reading Once again, I present Curt Schilling

Plan Nine from Montreal – Prolegomenized

You thought I was only kidding about this, didn’t you? Wrong. Plan Nine from Montreal, my exclusive historiography of the Feesh, is not another discursive boogeyman like Ouija Scrabble™ or my odd Hemingway hound Fido. The biggest trick I ever pulled was convincing the public that it didn’t exist. But it is, like Keyser Soze,…… Continue reading Plan Nine from Montreal – Prolegomenized