Nuke LaLoosh Is Dead

Covid-19 claims a living legend. Orioles minor league pitcher Steve Dalkowski was a figure writ large. The inspiration for Nuke LaLoosh in Bull Durham, Dalkowski was a character whose stories passed among players, taking on a mythic life of their own. Ron Shelton, a minor leaguer himself, received the dugout legend from those around him…… Continue reading Nuke LaLoosh Is Dead

ESPN pulls the plug on Grantland

If you’ve not yet heard, ESPN has pulled the plug on Grantland. Now, Jonah and Ben on baseball, and other Grantland sports writers, are being folded back into the generic ESPN family. But, nonetheless, I’m thinking this can’t be good news for longer-form sports journalism over there, or for more in-depth sabermetric-type writing there in…… Continue reading ESPN pulls the plug on Grantland