Bauer Outrage

Trevor Bauer is free today. He was scheduled to pitch, but, belatedly, MLB placed him on administrative leave while it investigates sexual assault allegations against him. Bauer’s agent, a friend from college days, says the pitcher won’t challenge the forced leave – conveniently spinning the situation to suggest that he could fight the benching. The…… Continue reading Bauer Outrage

Florida Baseball Team Yard Sales, Volume Two

Are you surprised? Nope, not in this economy! <i>rimshot</i> The Feesh, as we all know, have been going hardcore with their elimination plans. The Tampa Bay Rays, not to be outdone, have DFA’d Corey Dickerson, who was an All-Star last year (huh?), picked up C.J. Cron (why?) and traded Jake Odorizzi to Happy’s Minnesota Twins…… Continue reading Florida Baseball Team Yard Sales, Volume Two

Tim, You Gotta Let It Go.

America’s favorite washed up football player-turned-weekend baseball enthusiast keeps getting trotted out by the New York Mets, a team which never met a bad idea it didn’t like. Not only did Mets brass keep bringing Tebow out to play to the consternation of Metropolitan fans and amusement of his would-be teammates and manager, but now word comes…… Continue reading Tim, You Gotta Let It Go.

An afternoon social coffee with … guess who?

I’m sure it’s no surprise to any intelligent follower of baseball on Planet Earth, but the Yankee player that fans most love to hate …  Will retire after next season when his current contract runs out. So, does A-Rod have chances at more milestones? Let’s look at his career on B-Ref. He’s 28 HRs behind…… Continue reading An afternoon social coffee with … guess who?

An afternoon cup of social coffee

Apologies to the Prof and the Midnight Snack, as far as theme, or ideas to touch on, but there’s several socially related ones out there today. So, let’s take a look. First, Yasiel Puig will face no MLB discipline after an alleged domestic violence incident last fall. Aroldis Chapman has been disciplined and Jose Reyes’…… Continue reading An afternoon cup of social coffee