Florida Baseball Team Yard Sales, Volume Two

Are you surprised? Nope, not in this economy! <i>rimshot</i> The Feesh, as we all know, have been going hardcore with their elimination plans. The Tampa Bay Rays, not to be outdone, have DFA’d Corey Dickerson, who was an All-Star last year (huh?), picked up C.J. Cron (why?) and traded Jake Odorizzi to Happy’s Minnesota Twins…… Continue reading Florida Baseball Team Yard Sales, Volume Two

Angels Trade for Andrelton Simmons

The Braves began shopping Simmons just a short while ago, and while there were rumors they had asked for either Jacob deGrom or Matt Harvey, it appears they have settled their sights a little lower.  Today the Braves agreed to deal Simmons and catcher Jose Briceno to the Angels in return for Lefty Sean Newcomb,…… Continue reading Angels Trade for Andrelton Simmons

So What do the Blue Jays Do Now?

I don’t have a seahorse in the postseason really, what with my Feesh handicapped like some Harrison Bergeron by the surplus wrecking ball front orifice shackled to their caudal fins. However, because I have an illustrious friend in Toronto (and one slightly less illustrious but no less praiseworthy professering away at Western Ontario University just…… Continue reading So What do the Blue Jays Do Now?