The Year in Review: Music of Fan Interference   It started pretty early here in Fan Interference.  A random post regarding a celebration of National One Hit Wonder Day.  That post generated a LOT of positive response and we were off to the races from there.  Soon music started to be integrated into a large number of posts, especially the daily recap (So,…… Continue reading The Year in Review: Music of Fan Interference

Hardball Times: Baseball At The Movies

One thing that we seem to all share besides a passion for baseball is a love for movies, specifically baseball movies. Hardball Times has a pretty neat post about baseball at the movies titled, well, “Baseball At The Movies.” It’s an analysis of how baseball movies have performed at the box office. The author, John Larue, notes…… Continue reading Hardball Times: Baseball At The Movies

Soundtrack to Our Lives

Professormaddog31 mentioned Deadpool in one of her yummy Midnight Snacks recently and I finally got around to seeing it tonight. She was right. It was fantastic. Without giving away too much, it was irreverent, hilarious, filthy, and infinitely quotable: “You are haunting. You look like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado”…… Continue reading Soundtrack to Our Lives