ESPN Posts Pointless Article

ESPN has a feature article up currently that purports to establish what Barry Bonds’ and Roger Clemens’ career totals would have been minus PEDs. The authors acknowledge some limitations, such as playing against other players who also used PEDs. Other limitations include not truly knowing when either started using PEDs—assumptions are made/other people’s words are…… Continue reading ESPN Posts Pointless Article

2 Days to Go

The current CBA expires in 2 days. Right now, it’s business as usual for the offseason. Trades have happened—most notably Adam Frazier to the Mariners. Players have signed lucrative extensions with their current teams—most notably Byron Buxton of the Twins. Free agents have signed with new teams—most notably Starling Marte (Scratch that—Max Scherzer) with the…… Continue reading 2 Days to Go