Bits and Pieces Midseason Thoughts Weekend Edition

Hey gang, we have three teams on track to lose 100 plus games and three teams on track to win 100 plus games. Do you know how rare that is? Strike outs are way up. Let me tell you how much. The break is over, Friday’s scores. Continue reading


Bits and Pieces Sadtwinsfan Doom and Gloom Weekend Edition

Some of you might remember me from HBT. I was the sane part of this duo. As you saw the other day, as the Indian’s lead over the Twins is now dancing in the double digits @happytwinsfan is now completely delusional. When he said something about the Twins “soaring past the Tigers” I locked him in the basement.

To help all of you to embrace the squalor of your existence I present you with the worst Twins teams ever. And Fridays actual scores (ugh). Continue reading