Cleveland Guardians

Ummm…okay. The Cleveland Baseball Team just announced they will cease being called Indians as of the end of this season and become the Guardians. They had a video announcement narrated by Tom Hanks and posted a statement about how the name somehow reflects everyone in Cleveland. I’m no Clevelander, but my opinion is: meh. It’s…… Continue reading Cleveland Guardians

Draft Day

Yesterday was day 1 of the draft. Although round 1 was televised, it went off largely in obscurity. Part of that is because college baseball isn’t the big money maker that college basketball or especially college football are. The baseball draft also doesn’t immediately impact the teams the way they do in basketball or football.…… Continue reading Draft Day

NL West Midseason

My division by division review of where teams stand at the season’s midpoint winds up with NL West. Each team in the division is addressed in order of the current standings. Remember the draft is Sunday, and trade deadline is July 30. San Francisco Giants—The biggest surprise of the season, easily. Preseason they were picked…… Continue reading NL West Midseason