2 Days to Go

The current CBA expires in 2 days. Right now, it’s business as usual for the offseason. Trades have happened—most notably Adam Frazier to the Mariners. Players have signed lucrative extensions with their current teams—most notably Byron Buxton of the Twins. Free agents have signed with new teams—most notably Starling Marte (Scratch that—Max Scherzer) with the…… Continue reading 2 Days to Go


The Angels’ Shohei Ohtani was the unanimous winner of the MVP in the AL. The only question for his award was whether the vote would be unanimous or not. He was one of the best DH’s and simultaneously one of the best pitchers in the game, giving all baseball fans the kind of show we…… Continue reading MVP

Cy Young

This year’s awards went to Robbie Ray of the Toronto Blue Jays (AL) and Corbin Burnes (NL). Perhaps it’s just me, but this was not an exciting contest this year, at least after Jacob deGrom and Shane Bieber each sustained significant injuries. Indeed, deGrom looked like he would challenge Bob Gibson’s single season ERA record…… Continue reading Cy Young