Tigers World Series: Game 3

Playoff baseball has become the one thing that will overcome all our divisions as Americans. Today, the President (ptoo, ptoo) threatened to attend Game 5, if the Series comes to that. I think we all just became Nats fans. Join me in making offerings to Jobu that Sanchez has a perfect game.* However your people…… Continue reading Tigers World Series: Game 3

Tigers World Series: Game 2

Last night, the Series kicked off with Mad Max, so tonight we go beyond the Thunderdome. White Justin Upton aims to cleanse the current Astros news cycle and replace it with his veterany goodness. Will the Astros even the score? Will they continue to put the ass in Astros thanks to a bro-y front office…… Continue reading Tigers World Series: Game 2

World Series Game 6 Chat Post

Let’s get ready to rumbuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here it is. GAME SIX. The Astros could finish it tonight, or the Dodgers could force it to one more. Will Verlander be brilliant? Will Hill have the game of his season? Will stex survive and/or will we need to start that GoFundMe for his tolls? Here we go, yo!…… Continue reading World Series Game 6 Chat Post