Panic Time in NY

The Yankees are 5-10 and in last place in the AL East. Nobody reasonable would think their season is doomed or that drastic action must be taken. New York media and fans are often not reasonable, however. There are those in the Twitterverse calling for Aaron Boone’s firing. Dave Cashman, for his part, says it’s…… Continue reading Panic Time in NY

It’s Jackie Robinson Day

There’s a great story at The Undefeated: Jackie Robinson’s first homer for the Montreal Royals came in their season opener on April 18, 1946. As he came across the plate, his white teammate, George Shuba, the next batter, smile, congratulated him, and shook his hand. It was a simple, natural gesture…and it was huge.…… Continue reading It’s Jackie Robinson Day

ASG Will Now Be at Coors Field

Denver has been chosen to replace Atlanta as the host of the year’s All Star Game and assorted festivities. That means the home run derby will also be at Coors Field. Use last year’s balls and ditch the humidifier for the evening, and I might just watch.

How About That?

When I was a kid, I looked forward to watching “This Week in Baseball” every week, hosted by the late, great Mel Allen. As an Army brat in Germany, that and NBC’s Game of the Week were the only baseball viewing I got on Armed Forces Television. I loved Allen’s “How about that?” line when…… Continue reading How About That?

Opening Day 2021

It’s Opening Day. It’s a new season. It’s baseball. All 30 teams are going to be in action. Everything is as it should be. Except… there are not one but two proverbial Swords of Damocles hanging over this season. The first is the coronavirus pandemic that is still not over even though hoards of people…… Continue reading Opening Day 2021