D-Backs’ LoVullo Gets Dreaded Vote of Confidence

After going 5-30 since May 4, the Diamondbacks’ hitting coach and assistant hitting coach have both been fired by manager Tony LoVullo. In turn, their GM—Mike Hazen—has said he still feels LoVullo is the “right person” to be the skipper. I can’t recall changing hitting coaches mid season making much difference although the Diamondbacks have…… Continue reading D-Backs’ LoVullo Gets Dreaded Vote of Confidence

Memorial Day

Every year on Memorial Day weekend people thank me for my service as a US military retiree. When they do, I smile and say “thank you,” just like I do every other day of the year. However, Memorial Day isn’t about people like me—that’s Veterans Day. Memorial Day is about the men and women who…… Continue reading Memorial Day

Marcel Ozuna Arrested

Marcel Ozuna of the Atlanta Braves is being charged with felony assault, apparently over a domestic violence incident that included strangulation. He could face up to 20 years in prison. Last year his spouse was arrested in a misdemeanor domestic violence incident. Without intent to judge guilt or innocence over the charges, clearly this is…… Continue reading Marcel Ozuna Arrested

Cuban Player Defects

Within hours of the Cuban national team’s arrival in Miami for an Olympic qualifying event, Cuban infielder Cesar Prieto defected. Needless to say, Cuban leadership was not pleased. In a statement from the Cuban national baseball federation: “His decision, which is contrary to the commitment he made with both his country and team, has generated…… Continue reading Cuban Player Defects

LaRussa Rips Own Player Over Dumb Unwritten Rule

After Monday’s game Tony LaRussa criticized Yermin Mercedes over hitting a home run on a 3-0 pitch with the White Sox winning 16-4. He called it “clueless” at the time, later clarified that as meaning he feels hitting the ball in that situation is poor sportsmanship. There’s some additional points about that pitch—the pitcher was…… Continue reading LaRussa Rips Own Player Over Dumb Unwritten Rule