Once again, I present Curt Schilling

Sadly, but certainly no surprise, given his past history of unenlightened comment, Schilling has now doubled down on transgender phobia and bigotry. The New York Daily News has the details of what he posted on his Facebook page. As with his various comments on evolution, it also shows a scientific ignorance that must be considered…… Continue reading Once again, I present Curt Schilling

Chase Utley: Dirty again?

If we take a look at Monday’s Dodgers-Padres game, it sure looks like Chase Utley has admitted nothing, accepted nothing and changed nothing after breaking Ruben Tejada’s leg last postseason.CBS has got some of the best coverage, with both video and GIF at the site. The Big Lead, among other sites, has more. To me,…… Continue reading Chase Utley: Dirty again?

Update-Harvey has ‘medical issue’

He’s been scratched from tomorrow’s preseason start, and that’s not all, according to Mets GM Sandy Alderson …  Per the Great Red Satan, he may not pitch Opening Day. He may, but he may not. Alderson said it’s not “orthopedic.” He then joshed, saying that a pulled wisdom tooth would scratch Harvey tomorrow. Well, yes,…… Continue reading Update-Harvey has ‘medical issue’

An afternoon social coffee with … guess who?

I’m sure it’s no surprise to any intelligent follower of baseball on Planet Earth, but the Yankee player that fans most love to hate …  Will retire after next season when his current contract runs out. So, does A-Rod have chances at more milestones? Let’s look at his career on B-Ref. He’s 28 HRs behind…… Continue reading An afternoon social coffee with … guess who?

Cards snag Tejada

With Jhonny Peralta out, likely until midseason, the St. Louis Cardinals, uncertain about their current options, had been looking outside the organization for help. And now they’ve got their man. Cards GM John Mozeliak had previously inquired with the Mets about Tejada, but nothing had developed. But, patience has paid off. The Mets released Tejada,…… Continue reading Cards snag Tejada

An afternoon cup of social coffee

Apologies to the Prof and the Midnight Snack, as far as theme, or ideas to touch on, but there’s several socially related ones out there today. So, let’s take a look. First, Yasiel Puig will face no MLB discipline after an alleged domestic violence incident last fall. Aroldis Chapman has been disciplined and Jose Reyes’…… Continue reading An afternoon cup of social coffee

Howard, Zimmerman sue Al Jazeera

The speculation has ended. A week after a major al-Jazeera report about alleged use of HGH and other substances by NFL great Peyton Manning, and Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard and Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, as blogged here, the two, who share the same agent, have filed the first lawsuit. Zimmerman’s suit is already…… Continue reading Howard, Zimmerman sue Al Jazeera

Good news from the broadcast booth

Fox baseball broadcasts are getting better! John Smoltz is replacing Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci in the booth for next year. Yes, Joe Buck will still be there as the play-by-play guy, but this is still a definite improvement. I’ve never been a fan of three-person baseball broadcast booths. And Reynolds just wasn’t good. A…… Continue reading Good news from the broadcast booth

Coach Barry Bonds?

Well, isn’t THIS “interesting”? (Cue Church Lady voice.) Gator may write something later from the “Feesh/Macondo” point of view, mainly about owner Jeff Loria trying to gin up attendance, if nothing else, but … The Marlins are looking at hiring Barry Bonds as a coach. As far as I’m aware, this is the first serious…… Continue reading Coach Barry Bonds?

Captain Grit to replace Donny Baseball?

I can’t really believe this hiring would actually happen, but the Dodgers have reportedly interviewed Kirk Gibson for their managerial opening. President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman has always been touted as a sabermetrics guy, as noted when Los Angeles hired him away from the Rays. And Gibson strikes me as being not a sabermetrics…… Continue reading Captain Grit to replace Donny Baseball?

ESPN pulls the plug on Grantland

If you’ve not yet heard, ESPN has pulled the plug on Grantland. Now, Jonah and Ben on baseball, and other Grantland sports writers, are being folded back into the generic ESPN family. But, nonetheless, I’m thinking this can’t be good news for longer-form sports journalism over there, or for more in-depth sabermetric-type writing there in…… Continue reading ESPN pulls the plug on Grantland