Yadi v Albert: Pitchers’ Duel

I’m sure you saw that Albert Pujols made his pitching debut for the Cardinals on May 15th in a blowout game against the Giants. Apparently, there was some smack talk between future Hall-of-Famers in the dugout afterwards, with Yadier Molina informing Pujols that he would have fared better. Or would he? A week later, Yadi…… Continue reading Yadi v Albert: Pitchers’ Duel

Bauer Outrage

Trevor Bauer is free today. He was scheduled to pitch, but, belatedly, MLB placed him on administrative leave while it investigates sexual assault allegations against him. Bauer’s agent, a friend from college days, says the pitcher won’t challenge the forced leave – conveniently spinning the situation to suggest that he could fight the benching. The…… Continue reading Bauer Outrage

Thanks, Twins, For Baddoo-ing Us A Solid!

Last December, the Tigers picked up Akil Baddoo, a lefty outfielder, from the Twinkies in the Rule 5 Draft. Detroit had like 20 unserviceable outfielders, so why not tuck a little sumpin’ sumpin’ extra under the tree for Christmas? Baddoo debuted Sunday. On the very first pitch he saw in the majors, he hit a…… Continue reading Thanks, Twins, For Baddoo-ing Us A Solid!

Lenny Dykstra: Too Lousy To Libel

You need a good laugh today. Lord, I need a good laugh today. And, lo, the baseball gods have met us in our time of need. Praise Jobu! Behold, the ridiculous and the sublime. A judge ruled last Friday that Lenny Dykstra has such a bad reputation, you can’t make it any worse. Or, in…… Continue reading Lenny Dykstra: Too Lousy To Libel

Nuke LaLoosh Is Dead

Covid-19 claims a living legend. Orioles minor league pitcher Steve Dalkowski was a figure writ large. The inspiration for Nuke LaLoosh in Bull Durham, Dalkowski was a character whose stories passed among players, taking on a mythic life of their own. Ron Shelton, a minor leaguer himself, received the dugout legend from those around him…… Continue reading Nuke LaLoosh Is Dead

He Gone

  Well, that was fast. The BoSox aren’t waiting for Manfred to drop the hammer. They’ve given Cora the ax. The announcement — like US foreign policy — came on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RedSox/status/1217241351517065216?s=20 I definitely believe the split was mutual. Uh huh. In case you were worried about  Bostonians moving on, the Boston Herald weighs in:…… Continue reading He Gone

Tigers World Series: Game 3

Playoff baseball has become the one thing that will overcome all our divisions as Americans. Today, the President (ptoo, ptoo) threatened to attend Game 5, if the Series comes to that. I think we all just became Nats fans. Join me in making offerings to Jobu that Sanchez has a perfect game.* However your people…… Continue reading Tigers World Series: Game 3

Tigers World Series: Game 2

Last night, the Series kicked off with Mad Max, so tonight we go beyond the Thunderdome. White Justin Upton aims to cleanse the current Astros news cycle and replace it with his veterany goodness. Will the Astros even the score? Will they continue to put the ass in Astros thanks to a bro-y front office…… Continue reading Tigers World Series: Game 2