Sunday Numb3rs 2

God invented spreadsheets because of baseball. Sinatra! Because! How They Hitting The Yankees and Dodgers have hit 27 Bomba’s in 15 games.  That works out to 291.6 over 162 games. Last week’s leaders were on a 303.75 pace. 2019: 307 (your beloved Twins – did I mention that last week?) Those gosh dern Yankees…… Continue reading Sunday Numb3rs 2

Sunday Sermon Edition Showdown Edition

Lots of late season divisional showdowns this weekend including your beloved Twins versus the Clevelanders. Baseball is so exciting. This weekend’s drama requires hard rock, titanium hard. Saturday – Michigan 24 Army 21 Did Michigan State play yesterday? Friday – Rangers 7 Orioles 6 | Saturday – Rangers 9 Orioles 4 What can we say…… Continue reading Sunday Sermon Edition Showdown Edition