Bits and Pieces Family Weekend Edition

Since more than half of us don’t really care about last night’s results because our team is out of it, let’s brag about our grandkids while we look at the scores. Continue reading


Bits and Pieces Sadtwinsfan Doom and Gloom Weekend Edition

Some of you might remember me from HBT. I was the sane part of this duo. As you saw the other day, as the Indian’s lead over the Twins is now dancing in the double digits @happytwinsfan is now completely delusional. When he said something about the Twins “soaring past the Tigers” I locked him in the basement.

To help all of you to embrace the squalor of your existence I present you with the worst Twins teams ever. And Fridays actual scores (ugh). Continue reading

Bits and Pieces Tribute to Satchel Paige Weekend Edition

Last week someone broke into the Negro League Museum in Kansas City, cut a water pipe and turned on the water flooding the building. Last May the former Kansas City home of Satchel Paige was burned to the ground. Investigators believe a fire accelerant was used. I hope that this response is the exact opposite of what the arsonists and vandals were hoping for.

Satchel Paige was born July 7 1906. September 25, 1965 he pitched 3 scoreless innings against a Red Sox lineup which included Carl Yastrzemski, Rico Petrocilli, and Tony Conigliaro . I wasn’t able to check but I’m pretty sure the twenty year old Conigliaro wasn’t gotten out by any other 59 year old pitcher that year. Continue reading