Bits and Pieces Let’s Shorten the Game To Seven Innings Weekend Edition

This is necessary because of the current negative trends brought about by the growing athleticism of the players, spreadsheets and high resolution cameras everywhere. Friday’s scores too. Continue reading


Shame On Us

It’s not the fault of the trust fund pukes that about one third of the teams are deliberately fielding losing teams in order to get back to the top of the “success cycle”. Until we fans realize that 82 – 80 while not having to shovel snow for those six months (probably) is a part of life deserving of appreciation, our oligarch masters are giving us exactly what we want and deserve.
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North Star A Rising

Yeah Gator I know what you’re talking about. Just accept that when everybody wants to talk about chili dogs they gonna talk about chili dogs at least until they have one. Oh the joy of delusional thinking. I started with the assumption that the addition of Lance Lynn would make the Twins competitive with the Injuns and looked for evidence to support it and here’s what I found. You gonna have to earn it this year Injuns. North Star rising baby! Continue reading