A’s (Probably) Relocating by 2027

The Oakland A’s ownership has entered a binding agreement to purchase a 49 acre parcel of land in Las Vegas. They plan to build a $1.5 billion stadium, then restaurants and such in the area as well. With that, it appears the end has come for Oakland to keep the A’s for relocating. Their current stadium is admittedly substandard, with a history of such unpalatable incidents such as sewage backing up in the clubhouse. They thought they had a deal for a new deal at Howard Terminal in Oakland, but that did not come to fruition. After over 50 years in Oakland, the A’s will be following the football Raiders to Las Vegas, which will be their fourth home city by 2027 (they also used to call Kansas City and Philadelphia home). With the Raiders in Las Vegas and the NBA Golden State Warriors’ new arena being in San Francisco, Oakland will be devoid of major sports franchises. One has to feel bad for their fans.

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