Okay, I promise I’ll start posting about things other than the Rays’ winning streak soon. However, I am, of course, a Rays fan, so give me this.

The Rays have now swept four straight series, vs the Tigers, Nationals, A’s, and Red Sox. Granted, I’ve predicted all four to finish last in their respective divisions. Still, winning streaks aren’t easy and usually are lesser teams.

13-0. Only two other teams since 1900 have started a season 13-0: the 1982 Braves and 1987 Brewers. The 1982 Braves won the NL West. The Brewers are the cautionary tale here…they also had a 14 game losing streak that May and overall weren’t really a factor.

“Historic.” That word is being used a lot but, really, how many of you remembered the 1982 Braves of 1987 Brewers? So…if you don’t remember them, how historic is the current run, really? I don’t care, I’m just enjoying it while it lasts.

The best parts: (1) a +71 run differential, (2) leading the league in ERA, (3) leading the league in home runs, (4) the Rays could play .500 ball the rest of the way and finish with 87/88 wins and in the thick of the playoff hunt, (5) the Red Sox were 5-4 when their series started.

It’s inevitable the Rays will level off, yet it’s been a lot of fun for me so far this year.

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