Japan Wins WBC

Japan won the World Baseball Classic, taking the championship game over Team USA 3-2. While personally don’t like the format of single-elimination following the round robin portion…single elimination in a baseball tournament just doesn’t sit well with me…I will admit the final culminated in a narrative writer’s dream. Down 3-1 in the 8th, Kyle Schwarber launched a mammoth homer into the right center upper deck. That led to the 9th. Reigning NL batting champ Jeff McNeil led off with a walk against Shohei Ohtani. Then inexplicably Mookie Betts, of all people grounded into a double play. That brought up Mike Trout. Last out. Trout vs Ohtani. The announcers, already overstating the importance of the game/tournament, were beside themselves. The count went full. Ohtani firing 100 MPH heaters. Then, like Mighty Casey, Trout struck out.

Perhaps that will give extra momentum and interest for 2026 when the WBC returns. Maybe. BTW, baseball will not be part of the Paris Olympics next summer…apparently that will have to wait for a baseball loving host again.

3 thoughts on “Japan Wins WBC

  1. Didn’t watch a second of this exhibition tournament. If the US pitching staff would have included the top talent (Verlander, Scherzer, deGrom, Cole, Burnes) the outcome would likely have been a US cakewalk.


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