Machado Apparently Extending with Padres

Last week we were told Manny Machado would, unsurprisingly, opt out of the last five years/$150M of his contract with the Padres. Instead, it now appears he will replace that with an 11 year, $350M deal that will keep him with the Padres until he is 41.

His original $305M deal that would have carried him to age 35 was a big risk, but had worked out well thus far (obviously). Also, obviously: this, the 4th richest deal ever, incurs significantly more risk.

One thought on “Machado Apparently Extending with Padres

  1. Maybe in 10 years time $25 – $30M will be pocket change, but the Padres signing Bogaerts & Machado through age 40 (plus other recent free agents signed through similar ages) makes me wonder if teams have learned nothing from seeing the decline phases of Phat Albert and Miggy.


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