Delusional Thinking Spring Training Camp 2.0

Joe Ryan (Joe Cool): One of the other players once said that Joe always has his own tune playing in his head. I have my tune playing in my head and I’m only on my second gummy. I say the kid goes from average plus, to  ‘I’m young and good and too stupid to realize how stupid I am’. 200 innings, ERA under 3.

Rocco Baldelli: Goes from syrup mouth ordinaire to syrup mouth corny memorable as 1991 approaches.

I have Family Guy on the TV, on mute, while I listen to Paul Anka and type this. The Simpson family is guest starring. Homer and the family guy got into a fight during which an alien space craft crashed down upon them. It was like an at bat with lots of foul balls. You had to know.


Delusion eventually sparks self honesty. Self honesty? Like how am I supposed to know when I’m lying to myself? I mean if I’m lying to myself that pretty much involves everyone in the conversation. Who’s left to tell my lying self that I’m lying to…who? –  Solitudinous thoughts!!!

Sonny (is that pronounced Sony or Sunny) Grey has one last peak year as he did for my fantasy team a few years ago.

Over the Rainbow (Jeff Beck – he just died) just came on my You Tube channel. I’m starting to cry. Seriously I’m starting to cry. I do shit like that when I’m alone at the end of the day. Onward!, but why do I always have to get a runny nose when this happens? Anyhow, it feels good.


Correia is worth 30 million for at least the first year of his contract. Take that big market Mets.

Maeda is really good coming back from TJ surgery because the Japanese loved baseball even before Welt Krieg Swei when we massively fire bombed 60 of their cities and my Dad did not die on Okinawa (but his best friend did). You would not be reading this if he had. Optimism always works best in the past tense.

August first will be hot as hell but the window air conditioner my mom bought me will still be working good enough and the outcome of the Twins Royals game will still matter to the playoff picture. I’d say something more about that except I’d probably mess it up

Here comes Perry Como!

Michael Fullmer fails his physical with the Cubs and winds up with the Twins

I don’t know what I don’t know and sometimes I don’t even know what I do know, but I do know what I want to know. Ha Ha. Epistemology be damned.

The Twins did not trade last year’s batting champion for a so-so starting pitcher. It was just a bad dream.

Was Hume right? In the final analysis we cannot know if we are dreaming or awake. Match that Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Pablo Lopez: Career year – 200 innings ERA under 3.

What happens when we die? Is it okay to think about it or are we supposed to force upon ourselves a resolutely “positive” outlook, you know cherishing every possible last moment…blah blah. Is a delusion a delusion if we really want it to be true?

Look at those fucking faces. So far from death.

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