2023 MLB Schedule Release

MLB has released this year’s schedule. Opening Day is March 30. All 30 teams are in action that day. Game 162 for everyone is Oct 1. There will be games in London and Mexico City this year. The big change is the more balanced schedule. Instead of nearly half the games being intradivisional, each team will play 52 games against division rivals. There will be 64 games against teams in the other two divisions in the same league, 32 home, 32 away. There will be 46 interleague games for every team. Every team gets a home and away series against a “natural” rival and one series against the other 14 teams, 7 series away, 7 home. I presume the away series will be home series in 2024.

Pitchers and catches report in 2 weeks.

2 thoughts on “2023 MLB Schedule Release

  1. I can see a game in Mexico City, but London? Leave the Cricket players alone and play a game in Tokyo or Seoul where the game is played and loved. As for intra divisional and interleague games on the west coast that don’t even start until after my bedtime, let’s re elect Trump so that he can trade California for Iceland.


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