Correa Situation Continues to Be Weird

Earlier this offseason, Carlos Correa agreed to sign with the Giants for 13 years and $350M. Then the deal fell apart. Then he reportedly agreed to sign with the Mets for 12 years and $315M. He has, however, still not signed any deal. Supposedly the Giants were concerned and wanted to renegotiate after an MRI of his right lower leg…which was injured when he was a minor leaguer and hadn’t caused him to miss time since. The Mets then appear to have had the same concern…but wouldn’t they have had known what the issue with the Giants was that had opened the door for them? Wouldn’t they have insisted upon disclosure from Correa’s agent (Scott Boras) before agreeing to anything? Wouldn’t another deal falling through be really embarrassing for all involved? Regardless, the Mets are trying to renegotiate. Boras, of course, does not want to, and has “one or two” mystery teams in contact with him about the still-a-free-agent Correa. That’s the classic Boras MO. (One mystery team is reportedly the Twins.) What are the Mets hoping to get? My best guess is some sort of out clause in case Correa does eventually have problems with that leg…thus not fully guaranteeing that $315M. That also makes it obvious why Correa would be resistant to agree. He has a potential grievance via the MLBPA if Steve Cohen/the Mets do back out of the deal, especially if they were, in fact, informed of the issue the Giants had. In any case, this strange soap opera isn’t over.

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