Bauer DFA’d

Two weeks ago Trevor Bauer had his suspension reduced such that he was reinstated. His official suspension was for 194 games (reduced from 324), and he had already missed that many, thus the reinstatement. As his time out in 2021 was paid, the Dodgers do not have to pay him for the first 50 games in 2023. Yesterday, they decided they would rather just pay him the rest ($22.5M) to just go away rather than play for them any longer. They have designated him for assignment. Next week, when no other team will have opted to trade for him, he will be given his outright release and become a free agent. If any team does sign him, said team will pay him league minimum ($720K), which will reduce how much the Dodgers owe him by that much.

if any team does sign him, said team will richly deserve every bit of blow back they get for the total tone-deafness such a signing will take.

We all know why he got suspended, I won’t rehash it. I will also still not post his picture.

One thought on “Bauer DFA’d

  1. I was one of those eagerly waiting for the decision to come out yesterday and searching Twitter for the news. There are quite a lot of fanboys on Twitter, but also a lot of haters. From the fanboys, I learned that it was insult to injury for the Dodgers to dfa him on the anniversary of 1/6. If so, thank you, Dodgers. From the haters, I learned that RIP can also stand for “Rest in Piss,” which does seem fitting for Bauer’s career.

    Hilariously, some Guardians fans seemed to believe that Tito would want him back.

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