Postmortem: San Francisco Giants

107-52 in 2021. 81-81 in 2022. Multiple players had career years in 2021, and regression should have been expected. I don’t think the Giants planned on textbook mediocrity though. Their batting lineup was 13th in the league in team OPS. Their pitching staff posted the 13th best team ERA in MLB. It was a balanced squad, just not a particularly good one. Not awful, just not good. Certainly they were disappointed to finish third in their division after winning it in 2021.

They’ve been busy trying to catch back up to the Dodgers and Padres in the offseason. They’ve signed several free agents—Sean Manea, Ross Stripling, Mitch Hanigar and Joc Pederson among them. The whale (not just elephant) in the room is obviously the Carlos Correa deal: 13 years, $350M. Think of it this way: if you have a kid in kindergarten right now, that child will be a high school graduate when the contract ends. Correa slots into shortstop for them, meaning Brandon Crawford will move to third. That in turn means they won’t offer a contract to free agent Evan Longoria. Brandon Belt and Carlos Rodon are also free agents.

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