Postmortem: Detroit Tigers

In 2021 the Tigers went 77-85. I thought things were looking up for them. I actually predicted they’d be .500 in 2022. I was very wrong as they regressed to 66-96. They were in 4th in the AL Central since the Royals managed to be worse. Miguel Cabrera had -1.0 WAR, worse than replacement level, but he did reach a number of career milestones: 10,000 AB, 3,000 hits, 600 doubles, 1200 walks, 2000 strike outs (okay, that one doesn’t help the ol’ resume). The Tigers have now missed the playoffs eight years in a row, tied for the longest drought in MLB with the Angels. They had exactly one position player with an OPS+ over 100 among players involved in at last 70 games: Eric Haase at 115. They were dead last in home runs with 110; next lowest was the Guardians with 127.

What they need to work on: sorry, Tigers fans, but…everything.

2 thoughts on “Postmortem: Detroit Tigers

  1. As painful as this season was, it accomplished 1 important thing: GM Al Avila was fired. The Tigers track record of drafting & developing players under Avila was subpar to be generous, and his trades were even worse. If the Tigers had managed to finish near .500, Avila would likely still be in charge and that missing the playoffs streak would go on much, much longer.


    1. I forgot to mention the demise of Avila and hiring of Scott Harris. I understand he’s getting married this coming week, too…so a really big offseason for him!

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