Bogaerts Signing with Padres

Xander Bogaerts is a Boston Red Sox no more. After Trea Turner and then Aaron Judge declined offers from them, the San Diego Padres have landed Bogaerts…to the tune of 11 years and $280M. It’s likely to mean Gold Glover Kim moves to second base, Cronenworth to first, Tatis to right field, and Soto to left. Adding in Machado at third, and it will be quite the formidable batting lineup for the Padres. Expect them to be a very popular choice among the sports pundits’ preseason championship guesses.

It also means the Padres are tied to Bogaerts through his age 40 season, so they best hope he stays healthy. It also means the team in the 27th largest media market already has $254M in payroll commitments for 2023. Note also that this could presage Manny Machado’s future—he has an opt out clause he can exercise after the 2023 season. Despite his own $300M deal, with the way the money is flying around, it will be very unsurprising if he exercises it (assuming he puts up another 6 WAR season).

Meanwhile, the Beantowners are beside themselves. First their BoSox traded away Mookie Betts. Now they’ve failed to resign Bogaerts. Rafael Deavers can be a free agent next year. Can any Red Sox fan be confident that they will keep him? Signing the best available position player from Japan and a good but heart-attack inducing closer will not make up for this loss in the eyes of most of their fans, I think.

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