Phillies Sign Trea Turner

Shortstop Trea Turner has agreed to join the Phillies for 11 years and $300M. In a year with four top notch shortstops hitting free agency (and all in the 28-30 age range with Turner turning 30 this coming June), many considered him the best. He has led his league in hits twice, stolen bases twice, and batting average once. He holds a career 122 OPS+. He will also improve the Phillies’ suspect infield defense.

As the Phils continue to try to bolster their pennant-winning but third-in-the-division roster, they have invested a very large amount of money for multiple players over the next few years. If nothing else, the NL East will be interesting to watch.

One thought on “Phillies Sign Trea Turner

  1. Of all the long term free agent signings this year, I have a feeling Turner will be the best investment. A body type that will likely age well and 5 – 6 years down the road (let alone 9 – 11) a salary less than $28M/yr won’t be all that outrageous.


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