Justin Verlander Signs with Mets

The Mets have replaced Jacob deGrom in their rotation with the reigning AL Cy Young winner, Justin Verlander. The deal is for two years, $86M with a vesting option for a third year. The $43M average annual value matches that of former Tigers/new Mets teammate Max Scherzer. Verlander missed nearly all of 2020 and 2021 but came back this year to help the Astros to a World Series championship, posting a1.75 ERA (220 ERA+) and a 6.38 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 175 innings. In addition to picking up his third Cy Young, he was also the obvious choice as the Comeback Player of the Year for the AL. He is 39, so a relatively short term deal with a high AAV was expected. The Mets still need more starting pitching, seeing as Chris Bassitt and Taijuan Walker are also free agents.

One thought on “Justin Verlander Signs with Mets

  1. Probably a bad idea. If father time isn’t knocking on his door he’s sitting on the porch swing thinking about it. My guess is that about the beginning of next August he will knock on the door and Justin will tell him “I’ve only thrown 100 innings so far this year and my throwing shoulder hurts like hell”. To which father time will reply “Happy birthday Justin!”.


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