Crime Dog Selected for the Hall of Fame

The “eras” committee that reviews players whose greatest contributions are from 1988 on met today. The 16 person committee considered eight players’ candidacies and picked on to be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame in 2023: Fred McGriff.

The former Devil Ray also played for the Blue Jays, Braves, Padres, Cubs, and Dodger over 19 seasons (1986-2004). He had a career 134 OPS+ and hit 493 home runs (503 if you include the postseason). He was a key part of the Braves’ 1995 World Series championship. Following his retirement, he was on the BBWAA ballot for 10 years (2010-2019), but never came close to selection by the voting writers, topping out at 39.8% of the vote in 2019.

However, he was reputed to be universally respected within baseball circles, and today’s unanimous vote by the contemporary era committee bears that out. I was a fan, so I’m happy he’s being so rewarded.

As for the other 7 players considered, none got more than 8 votes (12 is needed). Don Mattingly got 8. Curt Schilling got 7. (Remember in 2020 that he asked to not be on the 2021 BBWAA ballot after getting over 70% of the vote but not quite the 75% needed? He expressed disdain for the writers and said he’d wait for the word of today’s committee. Turns out, at least for now, he got more respect from those writers than the players and execs on the committee.) Dale Murphy got 6. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmeiro, and Albert Belle all got fewer than 4 votes. While I think eventually Bonds and Clemens will get into the HoF, it will require a future generation to select them. They will not as long as the committee includes personages such as Frank Thomas (whose outrage against the PED users I find a tad hypocritical when he shows up in TV commercials for a company that openly extols the supposed, and unproven, virtues of HGH…a PED).

However, today is not about any of them. It’s about Fred McGriff. Congratulations to the Crime Dog!

Click the link below for an article with pics of McGriff in his Devil Rays finery:

4 thoughts on “Crime Dog Selected for the Hall of Fame

  1. A lot of players are probably kicking themselves today for never endorsing Tom Emanski work out videos. That has to be the thing that gave McGriff an edge on the others on the ballot.

    In case you were wondering where McGriff’s 6 teams put him as far as most teams played for by a Hall of Famer, he’s no Dan Brouthers.

    Still waiting for this guy’s turn. Hopefully it comes while he (and I) are still breathing.


    1. Completely agree about Sweet Lou. It would have been much better to have him on this year’s ballot instead of players who honestly had no shot. Instead, his next shot is 2025. (Next year is contemporary…1980 on…execs and managers. 2024 is everybody from prior to 1980.)

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    2. Are THC gummies legal in Michigan? They are in Minnesota. Come on over for New Years Eve. We’ll watch Michigan continue their march towards their first national championship since 1997 (and hopefully while I’m still breathing) and watch Ohio State attempt to win an opportunity for vengeance, while we cop a buzz and creatively insult each other. We can even call my brother (a MSU graduate), but if he takes your side I’ll have to tell mom on him!!!

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