Postmortem: New York Mets

Jacob deGrom signing with the Rangers made me decide this should be the next one I post.

The Mets’ 2022 season in some ways could be summed up as “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

Good: They won 101 games, one of 3 NL teams to reach 100 wins. For much of the season, they led the NL East, at one point by 10.5. Pete Alonso slugged 40 homers and had a .870 OPS. They got good seasons from McNeil, Nimmo, Lindor, and others. They certainly can’t complain about the Bassitt and Scherzer acquisitions. They had zero months with a losing record (their worst month was 13-12 in June).

Bad: deGrom and Scherzer, especially deGrom, had significant time on the IL. They had to watch the Braves get scorching hot in June and stay that way through September (75-35), ultimately being overtaken for the division crown even though they were still playing well. They joined the 2021 Dodgers as 100 win teams that did not win their division.

Ugly: 100 win teams that reach a division series since the advent of a playoff wildcard round: the 2022 NY Mets and nobody else.

Also this year—They unveiled Tom Seaver’s statue in April. In June they retired Keith Hernandez’ number, and then also retired Willie Mays’ number in September.

For their offseason, the elephant in the room is their pitching free agents. They re-signed Edwin Diaz, so he will remain their closer; and we will continue to hear “Narco” frequently (fortunately I kind of like that song). deGrom is gone, leaving a Cy Young caliber (when healthy) hole in the rotation that must be addressed. Chris Bassitt and Taijuan Walker are also free agents, so that rotation hole could very well get worse.

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