Postmortem: New York Yankees

After being figuratively on fire the first half the season, the Yankees cooled off the second half but still won the AL East. They’re disappointed to not have gotten to their first World Series, but it was still a successful season by any other measure. The season will be remembered in perpetuity for Aaron Judge and his 62 home runs.

As for their off-season, well…Anthony Rizzo declined his $16M player option but re-upped for three more years in pinstripes. Of course that’s not the elephant in the room. That is free agent Aaron Judge, the guy with an AL record 62 home runs, the runaway MVP winner. Most seem to expect him to resign with the Yankees just like Rizzo, but it won’t be a given until he does in fact sign a new contract. Until then, the Yankees’, and for that matter MLB’s whole hot stove season hangs in the balance. Wherever he goes, he will get P.A.I.D.

They do have other issues, of course…can they get another top of the order pitcher? Where will Jameson Taillon land? Will Luis Severino really be heal Chapman is almost certainly gone. They will be looking for bullpen depth. Stars getting older, and can they stay healthy? If Judge leaves, how do they replace him? Can Giancarlo Stanton stay healthy?

Of course, there’s another important free agent that has to be mentioned: Brian Cashman. There seems to be little doubt he stays in the Bronx. However, he’s been working there sans contract for a month.

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