Baseball Heaven, Baseball Hell and Baseball Purgatory

What’s the difference between THC -P -and THC Delta 9 ? As I write this I am finding out and along with to night’s lesson that baseball is like life, so shall you.

1 – 0, 15 innings. 1 – 0 18 innings. The first world series no hitter since 1956. Seriously? I didn.t see the 1 – 0 15 inning game because I knew that was going to happen. I watched and reveled in the historic joy of the 18 inning game while wishing with every plate appearance that somebody would win the thing so I could responsibly let sleep claim my steadily diminishing cognitive functionality. When you’re starting to see odd shapes moving around the ceiling it’s time to let the Gods take you off to a nocturnal romp.

The Gods have decided that if you have a few dozen million dollars to spend on your bullpen you will have around a half dozen Nolan Ryan type flame throwers to stifle the upstarts from the other side of the tracks. What happened to the 5 straight games to be played without a day off in last pre world series round so that bullpen depth matters almost as much during the playoffs as it does during the regular season. Of course those two series ended in 4 and 5 games and the world series was preceded by 4 days off for both pitching staffs and the first 2 games were followed by a day off. and even though the phillies cheated by raining out the 5th game for even another day off game 6 was also preceded by yet another day off.

I took my first dose of THC – P about 40 minutes ago the second one 20 minutes ago, and I’m starting to find out what it does. Anybody see any typos yet? Baseball is alot like THC. The time between pitches can seem like an eternity.

BTW any Astros fans around here? Isn’t it time for you to boast and roast the mis allocation of resources by the other teams. You could at least take some shots at the fruitless profligacy of the west coast zillionaires.

Time for the third dose.

The regular season (pre August) is baseball heaven because all the things that almost never happen still could happen. The rest of the regular season is baseball purgatory as we imaginatively drool over the promise shown by our triple A prospects who will surely blossom next year,

Then comes the hellish realities of the playoffs. I rooted for the Clevelanders, Padres and Mariners for as long as they were around, but alas that only got me to the world series. Things then became so bad I was reduced to rooting for the best team (Astros) so I could congratulate myself for being so smart. Even so we were all denied a game 7. On the other hand, as the Gods remind me, wasn’t that 18 inning game the same as two games? They are also urging me to take a fifth dose of my (legally purchased) gummies, What do they have in mind?

And we are now in the hopeful purgatory of the off season. The Gods tell me that the Twins will sign the best hitting catcher available, at least a couple more bullpen pieces (the current bullpen is non flammable) and that they will not get their next shortstop out of the bargain bin this coming black Friday.

One last question, do the Gods reside in heaven or hell. Do I dare fall asleep tonight? Why not. If current patterns continue I will wakeup tomorrow and with luck I will still be waking up in the morning this coming April. The Gods do so enjoy me.

7 thoughts on “Baseball Heaven, Baseball Hell and Baseball Purgatory

  1. Hey, happy, good to see you posting. Have you (or anyone else reading this) seen my last few posts? WordPress won’t let me attach any pictures and keeps giving me a failure to upload message…yet on my page I still see the posts, just minus the pics and by line. I’ve deleted my app to see if that’s what’s messing me up.


    1. Hey raysfan, I saw your post about Gold Gloves show up 4 times. I was wondering if you were posting 1 for each time Jeter won a Gold Glove for hitting better than anyone at his position while playing subpar defense.

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      1. I hope your good wishes are with the Michiganders who will be entering the den of evil on the other side of the lake a week from Saturday. I’m sure that the tunnel incident a few weeks ago was the fault of both sides.


        1. Sorry, I already made you an honorary Michigan fan. Whatever you do don’t go to the city named after one of the queen of Spain’s 15th century toadies.. In the spirit of Woody Hayes they might turn you into an extra point.

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    2. I can see the four gold gloves post and the two game 3 posts. I was able to post a test comment on one of the gold gloves posts. I didn’t try to post any images or videos in the body of my post and as usual had trouble getting the right file format for the feature image. WordPress has a number of different selections such as whether or not comments are allowed or whether or not to send out notices to subscribers etc.. Maybe something is off in there. I don’t like WordPress much either. Your postmortem post seems normal.


  2. Good evening all! Happy, as always you entertain and inform in the best spirit of Fan Interference. Raysfan, I see Phillies Take Game 3, four copies of Gold Gloves, and Postmortem in that order.

    I just read a terrific article by Tyler Kepner for the New York Times, “Carlos Beltran Headlines New Baseball Hall of Fame Candidates.” I highly recommend his approach of featuring one quirk, talent, or era of the new HoF candidates’ careers. It’s just so baseball – not several numeric compendia of careers but rather aspects of character. From a rookie Angel pitcher telling a veteran “I got it” rather than letting himself be cheered up after a mistake. That Angels rookie won the only World Series Game Seven the Angels ever won, or even played in. Or the story of the Angels ace, arguably the greatest Angels pitcher ever. He named his child Aden, after murdered teammate Nick Adenhart. Finishing up his career in 2016 with the Padres, he wore 27 so he might “hit like Trout” (alas, he went 0 for 1-0).

    I loved the writer’s approach, and the fact so many Angels were among this year’s list of players who will not make the Hall of Fame.


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