Postmortem: Houston

When last I posted, the World Series was ongoing. I got frustrated at repeated WordPress glitches. I’m back now to try again.

Of course that means I did not write about the second World Series no-hitter ever. It was one of the most 2020’s baseball things ever. The Astros used 4 pitchers. Even a no-hitter doesn’t get you a complete game as a starting pitcher.

I had predicted that the Phillies could win if their offense dominated, but that the Astros would win if the series got to 6 or 7 games. I’ll give myself an A+ for that…and ignore that I totally blew the entire NL playoff prognostication.

With the end of the season, Dusty Baker re-upped on a one year deal. As long as the Astros remain in a competitive window, Baker can probably manage as long as he likes. At age 73, one year at a time probably makes sense too.

They need a new GM, though. Owner Jim Crane also offered Click a one year deal. He’s a lot younger than Baker though, and felt he should get more. He didn’t and so he apparently channeled his inner Johnny Paycheck.

Justin Verlander, as expected, opted for free agency. Even without him, the Astros top of the rotation is strong with Framber Valdez and Cristian Javier.

Reliever Rafael Montero signed a new three year deal for $34.5M.

The team has won four pennants and two championships (even if one gets a mental *) in the past 6 years. Bregman and Altuve are signed though 2024. Expect the Astros to be a contender again next year.

2 thoughts on “Postmortem: Houston

  1. The Astros were a mere 10th among the 30 teams in opening day payroll with a paltry 174 and some million dollar opening day payroll – sort of like your Rays. At the same time the ‘Miracle’ Phills were 4th with a 224 plus million dollar payroll. The 15th ranked team, the Cubs, were set to spend 146 million or so dollars, which is 51% (over half!) of the frugal 284 plus million dollars the humble Dodgers were set to spend.

    Baseball, just like real life. Money talks and bullsh*t … enjoys an early off season – but only about 80% of the time. Some things are more likely than others but all things are possible so if you’re a fan of a small or mid market team, enjoy the hot stove league because this just might be your decade- if you’re able to hang around for the whole thing.


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