Phils Take Game 3

The Phillies had planned to give Ranger Suarez an extra day off by resting him for game 3 of the World Series yesterday. Instead, the game got rained out, and they got both the extra day of rest and the ability to start him in game 3 after all. He pitched 5 innings and let in 0 runs. Meanwhile, Bryce Harper launched a huge 2-run homer in the bottom of the first, and that’s all the runs the Phillies needed. In the 2nd, Alex Bohm and Brandon Marsh each hit solo shots to up the lead to 4-0. Trivia time: (1) Bohm’s home run was his first postseason homer ever but the 1000th in World Series history. (2) It’s the first time ever in World Series history that a team had 3 homers in the first two innings. The first of those wasn’t a shock seeing as we’re well into the second century of the World Series, but the second did surprise me. All three of the home runs were off speed pitches out over the plate without much movement…ie, meatballs. It was clear McCullers didn’t have his usual “stuff,” so I really don’t understand why Baker left him in the game at that point considering how deep the Astros bullpen is. He did, though…and in the 5th two more Phillies home runs/ three more runs, 7-0. That also ended up being the final score, giving the Phillies a 2 games to 1 lead. The Phillies still have not lost at home this postseason.

One thought on “Phils Take Game 3

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