Phils Win Game 1

I’ve often griped about managers managing postseason games like regular season games. The Phillies’ Rob Thomson was definitely not guilty of that tonight. After being down 5-0 after 3, the Phillies tied it up 5-5 in the 5th…the second time this postseason Justin Verlander has been chased before getting through 5. Thomson then pulled Nola and went with his pen knowing it is (by reputation at least) not as deep as the Astros’. He even sent in his game 3 starter for a bit. Going all in worked. The pen threw up all goose eggs. The Phillies didn’t score either until the 10th, but it was enough, 6-5 Phillies.

The object in the playoffs is to rack up wins. The Phillies have one now, and the Astros don’t. We will see how it works out going forward—particularly with Ranger Suarez in game 3–but the Phillies have drawn first blood.

Interesting tidbit: This is the Astros’ 5th World Series. They are now 0-5 in game ones.

One thought on “Phils Win Game 1

  1. Very entertaining game. Not gonna lie, I rather enjoyed seeing Justin Verlander once again turn into his WS alter ego, Just Ineffective. Entered the game with a 5.68 career WS ERA and left with a 6.07 career ERA. He now owns the worst WS ERA for all pitchers who have 30+ WS innings.


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