World Series Set

The Championship Series were both, as a whole, yawners. The Phillies sent the Padres packing in 5. The Astros broomed the Yankees. So now we have the best team in the AL against the lowest seeded, but hot at the right time, playoff team in the NL.

I have no rooting interest in either team, just hoping for a better series. My playoff predictions have most crashed and burned this year except for the Astros, so I guess I’ll stay on that horse and say that Dusty Baler finally gets a ring as a manager.

3 thoughts on “World Series Set

  1. Dusty Baker is 9th all time in manager wins with 2,093. Every manager with over 2,000 wins is in the HoF except for Dusty and Bruce Bochy. Dusty is the only one without a WS championship. His career record is 2,093 – 1,790. Does he get there some day if he never wins one?

    As for Bochy, he has 3 WS titles but his career record is below .500 (2,003 – 2,029) and taking over the Rangers may not be the best way to get above break even.

    If you had to pick only one, who gets your HoF vote?

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    1. First—I think both Baker and Bochy will get in the HoF…along with Terry Francona (he will reach 2000 wins in 2024 if he doesn’t retire after next season).
      If I am only allowed to pick one between Bochy and Baker, I guess I pick Bochy as the better tactician. There are other managers in the Hall with records under .500. I agree getting to .500 might be dicey for him with the Rangers—we will see how they proceed with their roster construction this offseason.

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  2. I have to root for the Phillies in the WS as I refuse to cheer for the Houston Trash Can Bangers. I might feel different had there been ANY significant repercussions for their cheating in 2017, but there wasn’t. The ALCS is the first playoff series in a long time where I wanted both teams to lose (I also can’t root for the Borg under any circumstances). It sucks having to change who I root for every series because my first choice got bounced… Jays > Mariners > Padres. Oh well…

    And I see Baker and Bochy both getting into the HoF regardless of whether Dusty gets his ring or not. Of the top 15 managers in Wins, only Baker, Bochy and Gene Mauch are not in the HoF, and only Baker and Bochy have over 2000 wins.

    I guess I can cheer for the Phils because their manager is a fellow Canuck…

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