Profar Tossed

Top of the 9th, one on…Seranthony Dominguez appeared to throw ball 4 well inside. Jurickson Profar sure looked to me to be trying to not get hit by a 100MPH fastball. However, the home plate ump deferred to the third base ump…who said Profar actually swung…strike three. Profar, shocked and upset, demonstratively expressed his dismay …and was promptly ejected by the home plate ump. You’re not allowed to protest balls/strikes, so the ejection is by the rules. Still, he’s right, that was a bad call. It also meant the difference between two on and nobody out in a 4-2 game and one out and still just the one man on 1st. Dominguez then promptly punched out the next two batters, ballgame, Phillies win and lead the NLCS 2 games to 1.

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